The 4 Types of Pest Control

Pest control treatment is crucial in any house. You need to protect your home from tiny insects and animals that can spread diseases and destroy properties. If your house is under threat of these tiny creatures, you need an immediate response from professionals who can prevent or stop their infestation. Besides putting up defences against these destructive tiny animals, you need to contact pest control companies when your house is under attack.

But before you immediately call the pest control company you must do an extensive research online first to find out the best company for the task. The tools and treatments they use are critical in knowing whether you are hiring the right people to the task or not. There are three types of control measures: mechanical, biological, chemical and natural:

  • Mechanical

In this method, professionals directly kill or remove the pests usually big rodents such as rats, some beetle species and some insects like termites. This is advisable during the early phase of the attack, where you can easily have access to their nesting areas.

  • Biological

Some professionals use the natural predators or parasites of the pests. Whilst this method is useful, it can cause an ecological imbalance that can lead to environmental repercussions in the future. There are some incidents when the predators of the pests become the pests themselves.

  • Chemical

This method is most useful in eliminating insects like mosquitoes and termites. But the chemicals used in this method can be dangerous to our health. Pesticides have very toxic substances that can lead to instant death, disability and diseases.

  • Natural and Organic

Instead of using toxic chemicals, professionals who use this method use chemically derived from plants and natural extracts. Whilst this is considered a safer alternative to chemical pest control method, organic substances used are less effective than pesticides.

It is important to contact termite protection Brisbane professionals during the early stages of infestation to avoid using more dangerous methods such as using toxic chemicals.